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SK ecoplant Provides All-Out Support for Personnel, Heavy Equipment, and Relief Supplies to Turkey and Syria

SK ecoplant and SK Group provided all-out support to recover from the 7.8-magnitude earthquake in parts of southeastern Turkey and northwest Syria.

  • SK Group has provided a donation of 1 million dollars to the disaster relief effort in Turkey and Syria  
SK ecoplant and DL E&C, which are doing relief activities in Turkey.

SK ecoplant and SK Group announced on February 27 that they have started all-out support to recover from the 7.8-magnitude earthquake in parts of southeastern Turkey and northwest Syria.

SK ecoplant, a recycling, construction, and renewable energy company, is providing relief on the ground including rescue workers, equipment and relief items. DLSY, a special purpose company set up for construction of Çanakkale Bridge in Turkey and SK ecoplant and DL E&C each have 25% of the stake, deployed 58 workers of an emergency response team to the affected areas immediately after the earthquake in response to the disaster. 24 workers of the team are still in the impacted areas for ongoing disaster response efforts. The company also donated roughly 200,000 euros of relief items including blankets, safety shoes, food, and beverages and deployed 19 vehicles including excavators, cargo cranes, and ambulances and other necessary facilities equipment including containers and generators.

In addition to the item donations, the company plans to establish a facility- which will be as large as 6,000 ㎡- in 10,000 ㎡ space near the affected areas. The facility will be used to provide support to rescue and aid groups first and treatment to those affected by the earthquake. It will take about 2 months to build the facility which is expected to be used by the survivors for as long as one and a half years or two years until the country rebuilds the shattered areas.

SK Group announced its commitment to helping people suffered by earthquake by donating 1 million dollars through Community Chest of Korea after its SV Committee held an emergency meeting and decided the donation pledge on February 10. The donation will be used for procurement and delivery of relief items and rescue efforts in Turkey and impacted areas.

SK ecoplant and DL E&C completed the construction of Çanakkale Bridge, the world’s longest suspension bridge with a span of 3.6 km, that links Asia and Europe and is open to traffic over the Dardanelles waterway in March, 2022. It was a 3.5 trillion won project and it took 16 years and 2 months to complete the project including construction and operation.


SK ecoplant

The company is the environment and energy arm of SK Group and leading the group’s future ESG business as a global environmental and energy company. By integrating AI and digital transformation into its entire value chain of the environmental business, SK ecoplant is upgrading its business and accelerating expansion of its operation to the global market from its global operation base in Southeast Asia. It has grown rapidly in the renewable energy sectors including hydrogen, fuel cells, offshore wind power and photovoltaic power. It is also committed to ESG-oriented management for sustainable growth, leading the efforts to solve global environmental and energy issues and achieve a circular economy for zero waste and net zero.

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