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SK ecoplant signs Preferred Supplier Agreement for Anma Offshore Wind. Korea’s Most significant Offshore Wind Project To-Date. This achievement represents the first utility-scale offshore wind project in Korea

SK ecoplant continues to make significant strides in the global energy market as it has joined Korea's first utility-scale offshore wind power project.

  • The offshore wind project will be 29 times the size of Yeouido and is expected to provide power to more than 1.4 million South Koreans annually, is emerging in the waters off Anma Island, Jeollanam-do. It stands to be the largest domestic project to-date, highlighted by the signing of a Preferred Supplier Agreement (PSA) for the transportation and installation of 38 Jacket Foundations.
  • This marks a significant milestone for a 500MW+offshore wind project to be constructed in Korea for the very first time. It underscores the recognition of SK ecoplant’s accumulated capabilities within the renewable energy-based supply chain.
  • Building on the success of global mega-energy initiatives like the Nujio’qonik Green Hydrogen project in Canada and solar power projects in Texas, the U.S., the recent triumph in securing Korea’s first utility-scale offshore wind project solidifies the company’s position as a “global energy company” in both name and reality
SK ecoplant has announced the signing of a PSA for the transportation and installation (T&I) of Anma Offshore Wind, the largest single offshore wind power project in Korea. SK ecoplant’s success in winning this project is attributed decisively to its offshore wind power supply chain capabilities. In the photograph, SK ecoplant Executive Vice President Jung Sik Cho (right) and Anma Offshore Wind Co., Ltd. CEO Jake Cho(left) are captured commemorating the occasion.

SK ecoplant continues to make significant strides in the global energy market as it has joined Korea’s first utility-scale offshore wind power project.

On September 24, SK ecoplant announced its successful bid for the “offshore wind power transportation and installation project (Foundations T&I Package)” for the “Anma Offshore Wind” project commissioned by Anma Offshore Wind Co., Ltd., and signed a preferred supplier agreement (PSA) on September 20.

Anma Offshore Wind is a 532MW wind farm project located c. 40 km west of the South Korean peninsula’s southwestern coastline. The project site is positioned next to Anma Island in Yeonggwang Municipality, South Jeolla Province. The Project is expected to be amongst the first utility-scale projects in Korea to begin construction in the first half of 2024. Anma Offshore Wind’s vision is to bring clean, renewable energy to Korea and employment opportunities to the local community of the Yeonggwang Municipality. The Project believes in working closely with the community and local suppliers.
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SK ecoplant will undertake the transportation and installation of 38 jackets which are offshore wind power structures manufactured onshore, and secure them in the sea. These offshore wind power structures are anticipated to reach towering heights of up to 74 meters and weigh as much as 1,850 tons, designed to accommodate 14 MW wind turbines and their accompanying blades.

SK ecoplant’s successful award of this Agreement is attributed decisively to the extensive capabilities it has built up in the renewable energy-based Supply chain. Equis, a global player in renewable energy infrastructure development responsible for this project, has notably recognized and highly valued SK ecoplant’s comprehensive offshore wind power experience and capabilities. With Equis’ deep track record in developing renewable energy projects across the Asia-Pacific region including Australia and Japan, prospects for further collaborations in global projects appear promising.

SK ecoplant is strategically positioned to excel in this project, drawing upon its wealth of experience in offshore construction and engineering, encompassing subsea piping and jacket installation for oil refinery and power plant projects. Currently, a cumulative 3.7 GW of offshore wind power projects are in direct development within Ulsan and Jeonnam regions. Recognizing his exemplary representation and the holistic supply chain expertise in offshore wind power, SK ecoplant’s CEO was recently appointed as the chairman of the Korea Wind Energy Industry Association.

Kyung-il Park, CEO of SK ecoplant, expressed, “Following our involvement in the green hydrogen project in Canada and the solar power project in Texas, the U.S., we are solidifying our position as a global energy enterprise through continued participation in Korea’s first utility-scale offshore wind power project.” He further added, “Our commitment extends from business development and operations to equipment manufacturing and expertise. We are poised to offer a diverse range of energy solutions, both domestically and internationally, rooted in a complete renewable energy supply chain.

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